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*redefinition-action* Variable


Specifies the action on some redefinitions.



Initial Value



The variable *redefinition-action* controls messages about redefinitions seen by the source location system.

If *redefinition-action* is set to :warn then you are warned. If it is set to :quiet or nil, the redefinition is done quietly. If, however, it is set to :error, then LispWorks signals an error.

These messages are triggered by defining forms provided, but they could also be from any call to record-definition.


*redefinition-action* does not affect the behavior of cl:defstruct.

Compatibility notes

*redefinition-action* is documented in the lispworks package in LispWorks 4.3 and earlier. It is still currently still available there but this may change in future releases and you should now reference it via the dspec package.

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