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CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual

Version 8.0

This manual describes the Common Application Programmer's Interface (CAPI), along with the Graphics Ports, Graphic Tools and Color functionality, and a comprehensive reference section.

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1 Introduction to the CAPI

2 Getting Started

3 General Properties of CAPI Panes

4 General Considerations

5 Choices - panes with items

6 Laying Out CAPI Panes

7 Programming with CAPI Windows

8 Creating Menus

9 Adding Toolbars

10 Dialogs: Prompting for Input

11 Defining Interface Classes - top level windows

12 Creating Panes with Your Own Drawing and Input

13 Drawing - Graphics Ports

14 Graphic Tools drawing objects

15 The Color System

16 Printing from the CAPI - the Hardcopy API

17 Drag and Drop

18 Miscellaneous functionality

19 Host Window System-specific issues

20 Self-contained examples

21 CAPI Reference Entries

22 GRAPHICS-PORTS Reference Entries

23 LW-GT Reference Entries

24 COLOR Reference Entries


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