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3 General Properties of CAPI Panes

This chapter contains information that does not belong in the more specific sections that follow, including functionality common to several (or most) pane classes. It also introduces classes allowing you to create more common windowing elements, beyond the few mentioned in 2 Getting Started.

Before trying out the examples in this chapter, define the functions test-callback and hello in your Listener. The first displays the list of arguments it is given, and returns nil. The second just displays a message.

(defun test-callback (data interface)
  (display-message "Data ~S in interface ~S" 
                   data interface))
(defun hello (data interface)
  (declare (ignore data interface)) 
  (display-message "Hello World"))

We will use these callbacks in the examples that follow.

3.1 Generic properties

3.2 Base classes

3.3 Specifying titles

3.4 Callbacks

3.5 Displaying and entering text

3.6 Displaying rich text

3.7 Hierarchy of panes

3.8 Accessing pane geometry

3.9 Special kinds of windows

3.10 Button elements

3.11 Adding a toolbar to an interface

3.12 Tooltips

3.13 Screens

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