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set-interactive-break-gestures Function


Sets the break gestures on GTK+ and Motif.




set-interactive-break-gestures gestures => result

A list of gesture specifiers, or t.
A list.

The function set-interactive-break-gestures sets the gestures that can be used to break by typing at an interface.

gestures is a list of gesture specifiers. A gesture specifier is an object that sys:coerce-to-gesture-spec can recognize.

When an interface is created, the break gestures are set such that typing any one of them when the interface is on top causes an "interface break". This means that, if the interface process is busy, it tries to break it. In a Listener tool, it tries to break the REPL. Otherwise it tries to find a process that appears busy, and breaks that. In the LispWorks IDE, if there is no busy process it raises the Process Browser tool. Otherwise it breaks the current process.

set-interactive-break-gestures always returns the list of interactive break gestures.

gestures can also be t, which means do not change the gestures. This is useful to get the current list.

  1. set-interactive-break-gestures has an effect only on GTK+ and Motif.
  2. set-interactive-break-gestures has no effect on interfaces that are already created.
  3. On GTK+ the list can be overridden by the resources file as illustrated in examples/gtk/gtkrc-break-gestures

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