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ole-control-frame Class


Implements the frame of components in an ole-control-pane.






The class ole-control-frame is a CAPI pane that implements the frame of components, that is it supports the IOleInPlaceFrame interface. When an ole-control-pane pane is created, it looks upwards in the hierarchy of panes, and if finds an ole-control-frame pane it uses this as the frame. It uses the first such pane found. When the object in the ole-control-pane calls IOleInPlaceSite::GetWindowContext, it gets back in the ppframe arg an interface associated with this frame.

Like ole-control-doc, a ole-control-frame can have only one sub-pane, which itself may contain many panes.

Normally the program does not need to do anything else with the ole-control-frame. It acts in response to resizing of the window and method calls from the object on the IOleInPlaceFrame interface.

Note that having a frame is optional, and ActiveX does not need it. It is required when embedding an application by ole-control-insert-object.


ole-control-frame is implemented only in LispWorks for Windows. Load the functionality by (require "embed").

Even though it is a subclass of pinboard-layout, normally you should not use the pinboard-layout functionality when using ole-control-frame.

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