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ole-control-doc Class


A class that implements the document around the object inside an ole-control-pane.








The class ole-control-doc is a CAPI pane that can be used to implement the document around the object inside an ole-control-pane. That is, it supports the IOleInPlaceUIWindow interface. Note that this is optional, and is rarely useful.

To use it the ole-control-doc pane needs to be the parent, not necessarily directly, of an ole-control-pane. When the object calls IOleInPlaceSite::GetWindowContext, it will get (in the ppdoc [out] argument) an IOleInPlaceUIWindow interface associated with the ole-control-doc.

A ole-control-doc must have exactly one sub-pane (that is, the length of its description must be 1), but underneath this pane there can be many panes.

Normally the program does not need to do anything else with the ole-control-doc. It acts in response to resizing of the window and method calls from the object on the IOleInPlaceUIWindow interface.


ole-control-doc is implemented only in LispWorks for Windows. Load the functionality by (require "embed").

Even though it is a subclass of pinboard-layout, normally you should not use the pinboard-layout functionality when using ole-control-doc.

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