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11.2 Setting up the profiler

Before a profiling session can start several parameters must be set, using the function set-up-profiler. There are four main areas to consider: the symbols to be profiled, the time interval between samples, the kind of profiling required, and the format of the output.

Below is an example of setting up the profiler:

(set-up-profiler :symbols '(car cdr) :style :list)

Here the functions car and cdr are going to be profiled and the output will be just the columnar report.

The function set-up-profiler adds symbols to the *profile-symbol-list*. The functions add-symbol-profiler and remove-symbol-profiler can also be used to change the symbols profiled.

The function set-profiler-threshold can be used with reset-profiler to control the effects of repeated profiler runs.

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