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11.3 Running the profiler

The profiler has two distinct modes. You can use both in the same session, but not at the same time.

To use either mode, you must first call set-up-profiler to load the profiler and set its parameters including the output format.

The macro profile simply profiles all processes while a body of code is run, as described in Using the macro profile. Start profiling this way if you don't see a need to use the alternate mode.

Alternatively the functions start-profiling, stop-profiling and set-process-profiling offer programmatic control over when profiling occurs and which processes are profiled. This is described in Programmatic control of profiling.

The function do-profiling is a convenience function which allows you to profile multiple threads using start-profiling and stop-profiling.

11.3.1 Using the macro profile

11.3.2 Programmatic control of profiling

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