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6.6 Preferences for graphs

A number of graph layout preferences can be set for any tool that uses graphs. You can control settings in the Preferences dialog. To do this:

  1. Display the Preferences dialog either by choosing Graph > Preferences... from the graph layout context menu or by one of the methods described in Setting preferences.
  2. Select the relevant tool in the left side of the Preferences dialog, and select a graph layout tab on the right.

For example, the graph layout preferences for subclasses in the Class Browser are shown in Layout Preferences for the Subclass Graph.

Figure 6.5 Layout Preferences for the Subclass Graph

This section describes the options available in the graph layout tabs of the Preference dialogs for any tool that uses graphs.

6.6.1 Altering the depth and breadth of graphs

6.6.2 Displaying different graph layouts

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