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6 Manipulating Graphs

Views that use graphs are provided in the Class Browser, Function Call Browser, and Window Browser. These views let you, for instance, produce a graph of all the subclasses or superclasses of a given class, or the layouts of a given CAPI interface.

In the Class Browser, the subclasses and superclasses views use graphs. The Function Call Browser uses graph views for its Called By and Calls Into views. There is only one view in the Window Browser, and that uses a graph.

All graphs in the LispWorks IDE can be manipulated in the same way. This chapter gives you a complete description of the features available.

All graphs have an associated graph layout menu, available by displaying a context menu over the graph itself by using the alternate select gesture. This menu contains all the commands that are directly relevant to graphs.

6.1 An overview of graphs

6.2 Searching graphs

6.3 Expanding and collapsing graphs

6.4 Moving nodes in graphs

6.5 Displaying plans of graphs

6.6 Preferences for graphs

6.7 Using graphs in your programs

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