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Reference: dpANS 12.24

3.5 Error Checking in Function Calls Safe and Unsafe Calls Too Few Arguments Too Many Arguments Unrecognized Keyword Arguments Invalid Keyword Arguments Odd Number of Keyword Arguments Destructuring Mismatch

X3J13/92-3212 David Moon comment #12


Edit History: Version 1, 12/13/92, Kim Barrett

Version 2, 5/23/93, Sandra Loosemore (amendment from minutes)

Status: Proposal FIX passed without objection, March 1993

Problem Description:

There are several problems in section 3.5 "Error Checking in Function Calls"

beginning on page 3-51:

a) The portions of section referring to generic functions and

call-next-method say "safe" when they should say "safe or system code". The

generic function, an applicable method, or the method combination might be

defined in system code.

b) The word "otherwise" beginning the second paragraph of section

doesn't make sense. It should be replaced by "If too few arguments are

supplied". Similar corrections are required in sections,,, and, but *not*

c) The third paragraphs of sections,,,,, and are each completely redundant and should be deleted.

d) The first paragraph of section refers to "Section mm.nn". Relevant

information does not seem to be in section 3.4.4 or 3.4.5; was this section

omitted entirely?


a. In the first of the specific cases in (generic function), change

the second use of the term \term{safe} to be "\term{safe code} or

\term{system code}". Similarly in the last of the specific cases


b. At the beginning of the second paragraph of each of through, change the phrase "Otherwise, in a \term{safe call}" to "If this

\term{situation} occurs in a \term{safe call}".

c. Delete the third paragraphs of sections through

d. Repatriate the missing section reference.

e. In the first paragraph of each of and, add a period

following the first occurance of "\term{function}".

Editorial Impact:

A small number of explicitly specified edits.



Current Practice:

Cost to Implementors:

Cost to Users:

Performance Impact:




Proposal item (e) was noted as being needed while preparing the other items.

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