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Title: Lispworks variable to handle stack size

ID: 10018

Product: LispWorks
Version: All
OS: All Unix platforms

The variable is SYSTEM:*STACK-OVERFLOW-BEHAVIOUR*. Setting it to :WARN will cause the stack to be extended by 50% when it overflows. It should be used with care since the stack will grow indefinitely with repeated overflows.

An alternative is to make a handler for CONDITIONS:STACK-OVERFLOW that invokes the continue restart, only when the current size is less than a given threshold, e.g.

(handler-bind ((conditions:stack-overflow
                  #'(lambda (c)
                      (and (< (lw::current-stack-length) 50000)

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Summary:Is there a lispworks variable that will increase the process stack size or optionally issue a warning?
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