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The variable *mysql-library-sub-directories* helps LispWorks for Windows to locate the MySQL library for use with database-type :mysql.

It specifies a directory in which to search for the MySQL library, as a sub-directory of the appropriate Program Files directory. On a 32-bit machine that normally means C:\Program Files\, while on a 64-bit machine it normally means C:\Program Files\ for 64-bit programs and C:\Program Files (x86)\ for 32-bit programs.

The value must be a pathname designator. It is merged with the Program Files directory yielding a path (for example "C:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\MySQL*\\bin") which is then passed to directory. The result is a list of directories that are used to search for the MySQL library.

The default value matches the default MySQL installation.

If *mysql-library-directories* is non-nil, it overrides *mysql-library-sub-directories*.

Note that this default will match any MySQL release, so if you need to be sure to match a specific MySQL release, you need to change the value of *mysql-library-sub-directories* such that it matches only that particular release.

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