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Initial value



The variable *mysql-library-directories* helps LispWorks for Windows to locate the MySQL library for use with database-type :mysql.

It specifies a directory or a list of directories in which to search for the MySQL library. If the value is a directory pathname designator then it is passed to directory. If the value is a list of directory pathname designators then each item is passed to directory. The collected results are the list of directories to search in.


The default value nil causes the system to use *mysql-library-sub-directories* to construct the search path. With the default installation of MySQL this copes better with 64-bit/32-bit mixing on the same machine. When *mysql-library-directories* is non-nil, it overrides *mysql-library-sub-directories*.

Compatibility notes

In LispWorks 6.0 *mysql-library-directories* has initial value "C:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\MySQL*\\bin".

In LispWorks 6.1 and later, *mysql-library-directories* has initial value nil so the search path is constructed using *mysql-library-sub-directories*.

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