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In a text-input-pane , performing a completion means replacing part of the text in the pane by the selected completion. In a file-completion, only the last part of the text (from the last directory separator) is replaced.

If a text-input-pane was made with complete-do-action true, once the completion was performed, if it is not file-completion and the completion is a directory, the callback of the pane is invoked.

In an editor-pane , while the in-place window is displayed, the editor highlights the part of the text that will be replaced. In non-file-completion it is the beginning of the "symbol", as seen by the editor, and the end of the "symbol". In a file-completion it is the part of the filename after the last directory separator.

Performing the completion in an editor-pane means replacing the highlighted text by the selected completion. The replacement is done as a single separate operation (for example Undo will undo the replacement separately from any previous changes).

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