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Keyboard input while the in-place window is displayed goes to the input pane, but some of the input gestures are redirected to the in-place window. By default, the following gestures are redirected:

Up , Down , PageUp , PageDown

Change the selection in the list of completions in the obvious way.


Perform the completion using the current selected item in the list. In non-file-completion, or in file-completion when the item is not a directory, the in-place window disappears. In file-completion when the selected item is a directory, the in-place window changes to display the list of files in the completed directory.


Causes the in-place window to disappear, without doing anything else. Note that if the text in the input pane was edited while the in-place window was displayed, these edits are not undone.


Toggles the filter.


Toggles redirection of characters to the filter. A filter is text-input-pane which filters the list of completions based on its contents. While the filter is on, the list of completions shows only the completions that match the filter.

While the filter is visible and enabled, all character input plus Backspace are redirected to the filter. The filter can be disabled by Control+Shift+Return , which means it still filters, but characters go to the the input pane.

The functionality of the in-place completion filter is the same as the standard filter for list-panel . For a full description of the pattern matching see "Regular expression searching" in the LispWorks Editor User Guide .

Control+Shift+R , Control+Shift+E , Control+Shift+C

Change the setting in the filter.

Other keyboard input goes to the input pane.

While the filter is off (the default), or when the filter is on and disabled, plain characters go to the input pane, and hence change the text in it.

When the filter is on and is enabled, plain characters go to the filter.

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