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11.6.1 In-place completion user interface

This section describes the user interface of in-place completion.

In-place completion is available in the LispWorks IDE, in the Editor tool and also in tools that ask for a named object such as the Class Browser and the Generic Function Browser. Set the Preferences... Environment > General > Use in-place completion option to use in-place completion in the LispWorks IDE, and see LispWorks IDE User Guide for further details.

In-place completion is also available to you to use in your CAPI applications. You may wish to adapt the remainder of this section for your end-user documentation. See Programmatic control of in-place completion for information on how to implement it. Invoking in-place completion in text-input-pane and editor-pane Keyboard input handling while the in-place window is displayed Performing a Completion Interaction while the in-place window is displayed

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