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23.10 Using Oracle

This section describes particular issues in Common SQL with Oracle databases, apart from the LOB interface, which is described in 23.11 Oracle LOB interface.

23.10.1 Connection specification

See 23.2.4 Connecting to Oracle for information about Oracle-specific interpretation of the connection-spec passed to connect.

23.10.2 Setting connection parameters

Oracle database connections have prefetch values which you can control via Common SQL. Alternatively you can allow the database default prefetch values to take effect.

You can set the default prefetch values for a connection by passing :prefetch-rows-number and :prefetch-memory keyword arguments to connect. The default value of prefetch-rows-number is 100 and the default value of prefetch-memory is #x100000 (meaning 1 MB of data).

You can also pass the value :default for either of these arguments. This means that Common SQL does not set the default. This is useful if Oracle itself provides a suitable default.

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