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LispWorksState C Function


Returns the state of a LispWorks dynamic library.


On Windows:

int __stdcall LispWorksState (int MilliTimeOut)

On Linux, Macintosh, FreeBSD and x86/x64 Solaris:

int LispWorksState (int MilliTimeOut)

The C function LispWorksState returns the state of a LispWorks dynamic library.

MilliTimeOut specifies the time to wait in milliseconds if LispWorks is in the process of initialization.

If LispWorks has not been initialized, or has been quit by QuitLispWorks, LispWorksState returns -100. Otherwise, it returns the same values as InitLispWorks. In particular, if LispWorks is already properly initialized it returns 1, and if LispWorks is still in the process of initialization it returns -2 or -4. Otherwise it returns a more negative number indicating an error.

LispWorksState is defined in each LispWorks dynamic library. For information about creating a LispWorks dynamic library, see deliver and save-image. For an overview of LispWorks as a dynamic library, see 14 LispWorks as a dynamic library.

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