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install-embedded-module Function


Installs an embedded dynamic module.




install-embedded-module name &key delay-delete

A symbol.
A boolean.

The function install-embedded-module installs the embedded dynamic module name.

name must be a name of an embedded dynamic module that was set up either by get-embedded-module or setup-embedded-module.

install-embedded-module installs the module, which means making its code available to be used in Lisp, as if register-module was called with the original module.

The module is written to a temporary file that is deleted by LispWorks.

Note: You should consult LispWorks Support before using delay-delete.

delay-delete controls the time of deletion of the temporary file that is created by install-embedded-module. It defaults to the value of *install-embedded-module-delay-delete*, which defaults to nil. If delay-delete is nil, the temporary file is deleted during the call to install-embedded-module. If delay-delete is non-nil, the file is deleted only when LispWorks exists. On Windows it always behave as if delay-delete is non-nil.

Deleting the file immediately is better in most cases, because it means that the file is not left in the filesystem if LispWorks does not exit cleanly (for example if POSIX kill is used). However, some debugging code may try to find the temporary file, in which case you can delay the deletion.

  1. install-embedded-module must be called at run time, normally during the initialization of the application.
  2. The effect of install-embedded-module does not persist after save-image or deliver.
  3. install-embedded-module can be called repeatedly with the same name. The subsequent calls in the same invocation of the application do not have any effect.
  4. install-embedded-module does not return a useful value.
See also

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