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16.1 Printers

You can obtain the current printer, or ask the user to select one, by using current-printer. You can ask the user about configuration by using the functions page-setup-dialog and print-dialog which display the standard Page Setup and Print dialogs.

You can pass the printer object (as returned by current-printer or print-dialog) to APIs with a printer argument, such as with-print-job, page-setup-dialog and print-dialog. The printer object itself is opaque but you can modify the configuration programmatically using set-printer-options.

16.1.1 Standard shortcut keys in printer dialogs

On Cocoa by default the standard shortcuts Command+P and Command+Shift+P invoke Print... and Page Setup... menu commands respectively.

In Microsoft Windows editor emulation by default the standard shortcut Ctrl+P invokes a Print... menu command.

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