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pinboard-objects-displayer Class


A pinboard-object which draws its drawing-object.








The class pinboard-objects-displayer draws its drawing-object.

Like other pinboard-objects, to be displayed a pinboard-objects-displayer needs to be added to the description of a pinboard-layout, using the standard CAPI interface of pinboard-layout, that is :description passed to cl:make-instance, (setf capi:layout-description), or manipulate-pinboard.

When displayed, a pinboard-objects-displayer draws its drawing-object. If it was created with use-metafile t (see make-pinboard-objects-displayer), it draws to a metafile of the size indicated by natural-width and natural-height, and then draws the metafile to the screen using its own geometry as the target rectangle. Otherwise it may draw to the screen or use a pixmap cache.

The drawing-object in the pinboard-objects-displayer can be changed by (setf pinboard-objects-displayer-drawing-object), which automatically forces it to be redisplayed. If any of the objects inside the hierarchy below the drawing-object changes, there is no forced redisplay. You need to use force-objects-redraw on the pinboard-objects-displayer (or the parent objects-displayer) to redisplay.

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