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make-draw-string Function


Creates a string-drawing-object.




make-draw-string string font-descriptor &rest arguments &key x-adjust y-adjust absolute &allow-other-keys => string-drawing-object

A string.
A font-description object, an integer or nil.
Other keyword arguments for draw-string.
x-adjust, y-adjust
One of the keywords :end-align and :center, or a number.
A generalized boolean.

The function make-draw-string creates a string-drawing-object, which draws the string using draw-string.

string is the string to draw.

font-descriptor can be a font-description specifying the font to use. It can also be an integer specifying the size only, which is equivalent to:

(gp:make-font-description :size font-descriptor)

font-descriptor can also be nil meaning using the default font of the root pane.

When absolute is non-nil, the string is drawn in "absolute mode", which means ignoring scaling and rotation. The default value of absolute is nil.

x-adjust and y-adjust specify adjustment to the position of the string. The adjustments are done independently vertically and horizontally. The drawing point is the left/corner of the current geometry (inherited from the parent). If x-adjust and y-adjust are not supplied, the string is drawn at the drawing point. Note that this means that the descent part is below this point. If x-adjust and/or y-adjust are supplied, they can be one of:

Align the "end" (right side or top) of the string with the drawing point.
Align the center of the string with the drawing point.
A number
Multiply by the average width (x-adjust) or height (y-adjust) of the font and add to the drawing point.

Any other value of x-adjust or y-adjust is regarded as no adjustment. Adjustments are applied in the same scope as drawing the string, which means they are scaled or not depending on the value absolute. However, the y direction still increases upwards when computing the y adjustment.

arguments can also contain all the keyword arguments that draw-string takes, but :font is overridden by font-descriptor.

See drawing-object about the drawing operation and the meaning of "parent" and "root pane".

See also

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