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13.8 Pixmap graphics ports

Pixmap graphics ports are drawing destinations which exist only as pixel arrays whose contents are not directly accessible. They can be drawn to using the draw-thing functions (for example draw-string), they can be used as the port for loading images using load-image, and their contents can be copied onto other graphics ports. However this copying can be meaningless unless the conversion of colors uses the same color device on both ports. Because color devices are associated with regular graphics ports (windows) rather than pixmap graphics ports, you have to connect a pixmap graphics port to a regular graphics port for color conversion. This is the main role of the port argument of with-pixmap-graphics-port and create-pixmap-port. The conversion of colors to color representations is done in the same way as for regular graphics ports, but the pixmap graphics port's owner is used to find a color device. You can draw to pixmap graphics ports using pre-converted colors to avoid color conversion altogether, in which case a null color owner is OK for a pixmap graphics port.

13.8.1 Relative drawing in pixmap graphics ports

Many of the drawing functions have a relative argument. If non-nil, it specifies that when drawing functions draw to the pixmap, the extremes of the pixel coordinates reached are accumulated. If the drawing strays beyond any edge of the pixmap port (into negative coordinates or beyond its width or height), then the drawing origin is shifted so that it all fits on the port. If the drawing extremes exceed the total size available, some are inevitably lost. If relative is nil, any part of the drawing which extends beyond the edges of the pixmap is lost. If relative is nil and collect non-nil, the drawing bounds are collected for later reading, but no relative shifting of the drawing is performed. The collected bounds are useful when you need to know the graphics motion a series of drawing calls causes. The rest args are host-dependent. They usually include a :width and :height pair.

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