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20.2 Graphics examples

This section lists the example files illustrating graphics transforms, transparency in images and pixmaps ports, combining existing and new pixels when drawing, drawings dependent on dynamic computations, editing an image, scaling an image, metafiles and paths.

Drawing an image read from a file:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/images")

Transforms and apply-rotation-around-point:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/rotation-around-point")
(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/cached-display")

Creating transparent and semi-transparent areas in a pixmap:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/compositing-mode-simple")

Simple example of compositing-mode:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/compositing-mode-simple")

Complex example of compositing-mode:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/compositing-mode")

Simple example of scaling an image:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/image-scaling")

Draw something that is computed dynamically and slowly without hanging the GUI:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/plot-offline")

Using an Image Access object:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/image-access")

Pixel-by-pixel editing of an image:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/image-access-alpha")

Obtaining BGRA color data from an image:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/image-access-bgra")

Handling the alpha channel (transparency) of images:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/images-with-alpha")

Creating and using a metafile:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/metafile-rotation")

Clipboard access with a metafile:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/metafile")

Drawing paths using draw-path:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/paths")

Drawing a chart of prices:

(example-edit-file "capi/applications/price-charting")

Effects of drawing-mode:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/catherine-wheel")

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