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15.4 Loading the color database

You can load new color definitions into the color database using read-color-db and load-color-database.

Given a color definition file my-colors.db of lines like these:

#(:RGB 1.0s0 0.980391s0 0.980391s0)     snow
#(:RGB 0.972548s0 0.972548s0 1.0s0)     GhostWhite


(load-color-database (read-color-db "my-colors.db"))

The color database is stored in the variable *color-database*. To clear the database use the form:

(setf *color-database* (make-color-db))

Note: You should do this before starting the LispWorks IDE (that is, before env:start-environment is called) or before your application's GUI starts. Be sure to load new color definitions for all the colors used in the GUI. The initial colors were obtained from the config/colors.db file.

You can remove a color database entry with delete-color-translation.

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