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set-editor-parenthesis-colors Function


Sets the colors that are used for parenthesis coloring.




set-editor-parenthesis-colors colors &key dark-background-colors

A list of colors, t or nil.
A list of colors or nil.

The function set-editor-parenthesis-colors sets the colors that are used for parenthesis coloring in an editor-pane in Lisp mode.

If colors is a non-nil list, each of its elements must be a valid color specification or a defined color alias. See 15 The Color System for information about color specifications and aliases.

If it is called when CAPI is running, set-editor-parenthesis-colors checks that the colors are valid. If it is called when CAPI is not running, set-editor-parenthesis-colors does not check the colors, and a bad color will cause an error later. The colors have an effect only on coloring that happens after the call.

The colors in colors are used when the background is light. When the background is dark, a different set of colors is used. This set can be changed by supplying dark-background-colors, which should be a list colors. Each color in dark-background-colors is paired to a corresponding color in light-background colors (colors if it is a non-nil list, or the current list of colors is nil or t). If there are fewer colors in dark-background-colors than in the light-background colors, LispWorks pairs the rest of the light-background color with random light colors. If there are too many colors in dark-background-colors, the excess ones are ignored.

If colors is t or nil, parenthesis coloring is switched on or off, without changing the list of colors.

When parenthesis coloring is off, parentheses are drawn like other characters.

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