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set-composition-placement Function


Specifies the placement of the composition window relative to the pane. Composition here mean composing input characters into other characters by an input method.




set-composition-placement pane x y &key width height force

A pane.
x, y, width, height
Non-negative integers or nil.
A generalized boolean.

The function set-composition-placement tells the system where to place the composition window in pixel coordinates relative to the pane pane.

On systems where the composition text is displayed by the application (rather than by the system, when the composition callback is called with a plist), the placement coordinates are used to place the composition menu when it is raised.

x and y are the top left coordinates. If both width and height are supplied, they specify the dimensions of the composition window. If force is supplied with a true value, the coordinates are forced, overriding adjustments that the system may otherwise do.

x, y and, when supplied, width and height must all be positive integers.


set-composition-placement does not raise the composition window. It merely tells the system where to place the composition window when it does appear.

See also

12.2.4 Composition of characters

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