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pane-popup-menu-items Generic Function


Generates the items for the menu associated with a pane.




pane-popup-menu-items pane interface => items

A pane in interface interface.
A list in which each element is a menu-item, menu-component or menu.

The generic function pane-popup-menu-items generates the items for the menu associated with the pane pane within the interface interface. The default method of make-pane-popup-menu calls pane-popup-menu-items to find the items for the menu. If pane-popup-menu-items returns nil, then make-pane-popup-menu returns nil.

To specify items for menus associated with panes in your interfaces, define pane-popup-menu-items methods specialized on your interface class.

For most supplied CAPI pane classes, the system method returns nil. The exceptions are editor-pane and graph-pane. To inherit the items from the system method (or other more general method), call call-next-method.

  1. pane-popup-menu-items is not supported for text panes on Cocoa such as rich-text-pane.
  2. pane-popup-menu-items is intended to allow multiple calls on the same pane, to generate menus in different places (as in the example in make-pane-popup-menu). Therefore the menu-objects that it returns, and their descendant menu-objects, must be constructed each time that pane-popup-menu-items is called, so that no two menus share any menu item.
  3. The returned items may specify the arguments for their callbacks, but it is not required. If they do not specify the arguments, then make-pane-popup-menu (by calling make-menu-for-pane) sets up the callbacks such that they are called on the pane pane.

The methods below specialized on interface class edgraph:

  1. Append the items that were returned by the system method in the bottom of the menu for the editor-pane, and:
  2. Add them as a sub-menu for the menu of the graph-pane.
    (capi:define-interface edgraph ()
       (e1 capi:editor-pane)
       (g1 capi:graph-pane))
       (main-layout capi:column-layout '(e1 g1)))
      (:menu-bar  )
       :visible-min-width 200
       :visible-min-height 300))
    (defun my-callback (pane)
      (capi:display-message "Callback on pane ~S." pane))
    (defmethod capi:pane-popup-menu-items 
               ((self capi:editor-pane) (interface edgraph))
       (make-instance 'capi:menu-item
                      :title "Item for My Editor Menu."
                      :selection-callback 'my-callback)
    (defmethod capi:pane-popup-menu-items
               ((self capi:graph-pane) (interface edgraph))
       (make-instance 'capi:menu-item
                      :title "Item for My Graph Menu."
                      :selection-callback 'my-callback)
       (capi:make-menu-for-pane self (call-next-method) 
                                :title "Default Graph Menu")))
    (capi:display (make-instance 'edgraph))

This is a further example:

(example-edit-file "capi/elements/pane-popup-menu-items")
See also

8.12 Popup menus for panes

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