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output-pane-resize Generic Function


Called when an output-pane is resized.




output-pane-resize output-pane x y width height

Method signatures

output-pane-resize (output-pane output-pane) (x t) (y t) (width t) (height t)

x, y, width, height
Non-negative integers.

The generic function output-pane-resize is called when the output-pane output-pane is resized. width and height specify the new width and height. x and y specify the position, but are not reliable and should not be used.

output-pane-resize should not called by the user.

The primary method specialized on output-pane sets up internal slots and calls the resize-callback.

  1. Normally you respond to resizing by specifying the resize-callback with the :resize-callback initarg. It is useful to define your own output-pane-resize method only when you define your own subclass of output-pane which needs to do something when resizing, and you want to allow different resize-callbacks for individual instances of this class.
  2. output-pane-resize should not draw anything. Newly-exposed areas are automatically displayed by a later call to the display-callback. If areas that are already exposed need redrawing, output-pane-resize should call invalidate-rectangle to mark these areas for the display-callback.
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