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modify-stacked-tree Function


Modify several properties of a stacked-tree at the same time.




modify-stacked-tree stacked-tree &key root value max-level item-function

root, value, max-level, item-function
See the initargs of stacked-tree.

The function modify-stacked-tree can be used to modify several properties in stacked-tree at the same time. Most importantly, it allows you to set the properties that you are likely to want to change at the time you set the root.

Setting max-level and item-function has no effect until the next time the root is set. If you want to set one or both of them for the existing root, just supply the :root keyword with the current root using stacked-tree-root.

Supplying root or value has an immediate effect, and stacked-tree is redrawn with the new setting. When supplying root, this means recomputing the whole tree, which may take enough time to cause a noticeable delay.

For keywords that are not supplied, the corresponding properties do not change.

modify-stacked-tree can be called before stacked-tree is displayed, but will not have any affect until then.

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