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install-postscript-printer Function


Installs or modifies a Postscript printer definition.




install-postscript-printer name &key if-exists default savep ppd-file description use-jcl command use-file always-print-to-file orientation installed-options

A string.
One of :supersede, :error or nil.
One of t, nil or :when-none.
A boolean.
A string or pathname.
A string, or :preserve.
A boolean, or :preserve.
A string, or :preserve.
A boolean, or :preserve.
A boolean, or :preserve.
One of :landscape, :portrait or :preserve.
An association list, or :preserve.

The function install-postscript-printer installs or modifies a Postscript printer definition for the given printer name.

This applies only on Motif.

name is a string naming the printer.

if-exists controls what happens if the named printer is already known. The default value is :supersede.

default controls whether the default printer is set. The value t forces the default printer to be set. The value :when-none causes the default printer to be set if there is currently no default. The default value of default is nil.

savep, if true, causes the printer to be saved for subsequent sessions, by writing a file to the path specified by the first item of *printer-search-path*.

ppd-file, if non-nil, should be a pathname or string specifying the name of a PPD file (PostScript Printer Description File) which comes with the printer and specifies the printer properties. ppd-file must be supplied when installing a new printer. The default value is nil.

All the other arguments provide optional printer information. Each defaults to the value :preserve, which means that appropriate defaults are used. These correspond to the settings on the dialog displayed by printer-configuration-dialog. Non-default values are as follows:

description is a string describing the printer.

use-jcl controls whether to use Job Control Language (JCL).

command is the command to execute to print with the printer.

use-file controls how to pass data to the printer. A true value means a file is used, nil means a pipe is used.

always-print-to-file controls whether printing always goes to a file.

orientation controls the orientation of the output.

installed-options is an association list, with pairs of strings where the car is an option name and the cdr is its value. Which options are available and their potential values is defined by the *OpenUI/*CloseUI and *JCLOpenUI/*JCLCloseUI entries in the PPD file.

See also

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