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with-standard-io-syntax form* => result*

Arguments and Values:

forms---an implicit progn.

results---the values returned by the forms.


Within the dynamic extent of the body of forms, all reader/printer control variables, including any implementation-defined ones not specified by this standard, are bound to values that produce standard read/print behavior. The values for the variables specified by this standard are listed in the next figure.

Variable                     Value                               
*package*                    The CL-USER package                 
*print-array*                t                                   
*print-base*                 10                                  
*print-case*                 :upcase                             
*print-circle*               nil                                 
*print-escape*               t                                   
*print-gensym*               t                                   
*print-length*               nil                                 
*print-level*                nil                                 
*print-lines*                nil                                 
*print-miser-width*          nil                                 
*print-pprint-dispatch*      The standard pprint dispatch table  
*print-pretty*               nil                                 
*print-radix*                nil                                 
*print-readably*             t                                   
*print-right-margin*         nil                                 
*read-base*                  10                                  
*read-default-float-format*  single-float                        
*read-eval*                  t                                   
*read-suppress*              nil                                 
*readtable*                  The standard readtable              

Figure 23-1. Values of standard control variables


 (with-open-file (file pathname :direction :output)
     (print data file)))

;;; ... Later, in another Lisp:

 (with-open-file (file pathname :direction :input)
     (setq data (read file))))

Affected By: None.

Exceptional Situations: None.

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Notes: None.

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