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Variable *READTABLE*

Value Type:

a readtable.

Initial Value:

A readtable that conforms to the description of Common Lisp syntax in Section 2 (Syntax).


The value of *readtable* is called the current readtable. It controls the parsing behavior of the Lisp reader, and can also influence the Lisp printer (e.g., see the function readtable-case).


 (readtablep *readtable*) =>  true
 (setq zvar 123) =>  123
 (set-syntax-from-char #\z #\' (setq table2 (copy-readtable))) =>  T
 zvar =>  123
 (setq *readtable* table2) =>  #<READTABLE>
 zvar =>  VAR
 (setq *readtable* (copy-readtable nil)) =>  #<READTABLE>
 zvar =>  123

Affected By:

compile-file, load

See Also:

compile-file, load, readtable, Section (The Current Readtable)

Notes: None.

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