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13.4 Displaying Common Lisp definitions

The Definitions view lists all the Common Lisp definitions which can be found in the current buffer. Open a file containing several defining forms, such as the Othello game example in examples/capi/applications/othello.lisp. and then click on the Definitions tab. The Editor appears as shown in Examining Common Lisp definitions in the Editor below.

Figure 13.5 Examining Common Lisp definitions in the Editor

The Definitions view has two areas, described below.

13.4.1 Filter box

You can use this area to restrict the number of definitions displayed in the definitions area. See Filtering information for details about how to use the Filter box in a tool.

13.4.2 Definitions area

Double-click on any definition in this area to display its source code in the Editor's Text view. Definitions selected in this area can be operated on using commands in the Editor's Definitions menu, which is also available as the context menu. See Other facilities for complete details of the commands available.

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