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28.8 Examining output in the output view

The output view can be used to view and interact with messages that have been generated as a result of actions performed in the System Browser. This largely consists of compilation and load messages that are generated when system plans or individual actions in a plan are executed.

Click on the Output tab to switch to the output view. The System Browser appears as in Viewing output in the System Browser.

Figure 28.4 Viewing output in the System Browser

The output view has the areas described below.

28.8.1 System area

As with the tree view, the current system is shown here. See System area for details about this area.

28.8.2 Output area

The largest area in this view is used to display all the output messages which have been generated by the System Browser. This area has the same properties as the Output Browser described in The Output Browser. In particular you can interact with highlighted compiler warnings and notes in the same way as in any output tab in the IDE.

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