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You may often want to profile every function in a package. Click Packages... to specify a list of packages whose functions you want to profile. The dialog shown in Select Packages to Profile dialog appears.

Figure 24.5 Select Packages to Profile dialog

The main part of this dialog consists of two lists:

A global function will be profiled if its symbol is visible in one of the selected packages.

To modify the Selected Packages list:

  1. Consider whether one of these buttons offers what you need, or close to it:
  2. All

    Adds all packages.

    Note: There are significant processing overheads when profiling all functions in all packages, and the results you get may include much unwanted information.

    User Only

    Adds the CL-USER package.

    User and CL

    Adds the CL-USER and CL packages.

    User and Standard

    Adds the CL-USER package along with those packages that you have defined.

    Note: The Profiler tool assumes that packages not named in the value of *packages-for-warn-on-redefinition* are user-defined.

  3. Add to your Selected Packages list if necessary. You can add a single package in one of three ways:
  4. Type the package name in the Select Package box and press Return or click , or

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