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20.8 Testing the example interface

You have now finished specifying the example interface and its callback functions, so you can test it.

  1. Choose File > Save or click to save ib-example.lisp , ib-callbacks.lisp , and defsys.lisp if you have not already done so.
  2. Next, you need to load the ib-test system into the environment.

  3. In the editor, make sure that the file defsys.lisp is visible, and choose File > Load to load it and define the system.
  4. In the Listener, type the following form.
  5. (load-system 'ib-test)

    The ib-test system, together with its members, is loaded.

  6. To test the interface, type the following form into the listener.

A fully functional instance of the example interface is created for you to experiment with, as shown in Example interface.


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