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20.7 Creating a system

If you have followed this example from the beginning, the interface and its callbacks are now completely specified. Next, you can create a Common Lisp system which integrates the interface definition with the callback code.

  1. Choose File > New or click . This creates a new, unnamed file in the editor.
  2. Type the following form into this new file:
  3. (defsystem ib-test
      (:package "CL-USER")
      :members ("ib-callbacks" "ib-example"))

    This form creates a system called ib-test that contains two members; ib-example.lisp (the file containing the interface definition) and ib-callbacks.lisp (the file containing the callback code).

  4. Choose File > Save or click to save the new file. Save it in the same directory that you saved the ib-example.lisp and ib-callbacks.lisp files, and call this file defsys.lisp .

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