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19.4 Creating a menu system

The menus view of the Interface Builder can be used to define a menu system for the current interface. Click the Menus tab to switch to the menus view from any other view in the Interface Builder. The Interface Builder appears as shown in Displaying the menu structure of an interface.

Figure 19.5 Displaying the menu structure of an interface

The menus view has two areas, together with six buttons which are used to create different menu elements. As with layouts, it is important to understand how CAPI menus are constructed. See the CAPI User Guide for details.

19.4.1 Interface box

19.4.2 Graph area

19.4.3 Adding menu bars

19.4.4 Adding menus

19.4.5 Adding menu items

19.4.6 Adding menu components

19.4.7 Removing menu objects

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