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8.4 Examining classes graphically

As already mentioned, you can view class relationships graphically using either the superclasses or subclasses views. This gives an immediate impression of the class hierarchy, but contains no details about information such as slots, readers and writers.

Click on the Subclasses tab to browse subclasses in a graph, and click on the Superclasses tab to view superclasses in a graph. Except for the type of information shown, these two views are visually identical. The subclasses view is shown in Viewing subclasses graphically in the Class Browser.

Figure 8.7 Viewing subclasses graphically in the Class Browser

The areas available in the subclasses and superclasses views are described below.

8.4.1 Class box

8.4.2 Subclasses and superclasses graphs

8.4.3 Description list

8.4.4 Performing operations on the selected classes or the current class

8.4.5 An example

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