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4.8 Documentation


Editor Command

Argument: string
Key sequence: None

Displays a Symbol Browser tool which lists symbols with symbol names matching string . The symbol name at the current point is offered as a default value for string .

By default string is matched against symbol names as a regular expression. A prefix argument causes a plain substring match to be used instead.

See Regular expression searching for a description of regular expression matching. See the LispWorks IDE User Guide for a description of the Symbol Browser tool.

Describe Symbol

Editor Command

Argument: symbol
Key sequence: None

Displays a description (that is, value, property list, package, and so on) of symbol in a Help window. The symbol under the current point is offered as a default value for string . A prefix argument automatically causes this default value to be used.

Function Documentation

Editor Command

Arguments: None
Key sequence: Ctrl+Shift+D

editor:function-documentation-command p

Prompts for a symbol, which defaults to the symbol at the current point, and displays the HTML documentation for that symbol if it is found in the HTML manuals index pages.

On X11/Motif the prefix argument controls whether a new browser window is created. If the option Reuse existing browser window is selected in the browser preferences, then the prefix argument causes the command to create a new browser window. If Reuse existing browser window is deselected, then the prefix argument causes the command to reuse an existing browser window.

Show Documentation

Editor Command

Argument: name
Key sequence: Meta+Ctrl+Shift+A

Displays a Help window containing any documentation for the Lisp symbol name that is present in the Lisp image. This includes function lambda lists, and documentation strings accessible with cl:documentation , if any such documentation exists.

Show Documentation for Dspec

Editor Command

Argument: dspec
Key sequence: None

Displays any documentation in the Lisp image for the dspec dspec , as described for Show Documentation.

dspec is a symbol or list naming a definition, as described in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual .

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