18.5.2 Editing code

Click the Code tab to switch to the code view. You can use this view to display and edit the code that is generated by the Interface Builder. The Interface Builder appears as shown in Displaying source code in the Interface Builder.

Figure 18.6 Displaying source code in the Interface Builder

Like the other views in the Interface Builder, an Interface box at the top of the code view displays the name of the current interface. See Interface box for details.

The rest of this view is dedicated to an editor window that displays the code generated for the interface. Like other editor windows in Common LispWorks, all the keyboard commands available in the built-in editor are available in the Code area.

If you want to change the definition of the current interface by editing the source code directly, edit the code in the Code area and then click Update . Any changes you have made are reflected in the interface skeleton.

Common LispWorks User Guide (Unix version) - 21 Feb 2008