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15.8 Other CAPI and Graphics Ports changes

This section is not relevant to LispWorks for Mobile Runtime.

15.8.1 capi:set-text-input-pane-selection works before capi:display

The function capi:set-text-input-pane-selection now works before capi:display has been called. In previous releases, the earliest it could be called was from a :after on capi:interface-display.

15.8.2 Extra options for capi:start-drawing-with-cached-display

The :automatic-cancel keyword argument to the function capi:start-drawing-with-cached-display can now be a function, which is called after the cached display is canceled.

A additional keyword argument :resize-automatic-cancel has been added, which has the same effect as as :automatic-cancel but controls what happens when the window is resized rather than when it loses the focus.

15.8.3 capi:interface-customize-toolbar is now implemented on Cocoa

The function capi:interface-customize-toolbar now raises the standard customization panel on Cocoa. In previous releases, it did nothing on Cocoa.

15.8.4 pane-can-scroll has been replaced by coordinate-origin

The new initarg :coordinate-origin replaces the :pane-can-scroll initarg in the class capi:output-pane.

:coordinate-origin :scrolled is the same as :pane-can-scroll nil. :coordinate-origin :fixed-graphics is the same as :pane-can-scroll t. There is a new value :coordinate-origin :fixed which causes all coordinates to be relative to the visible area.

:pane-can-scroll can still be used, but it is deprecated.

See "output-pane scrolling" in the CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual for more details.

15.8.5 Korean input methods

Korean input methods now work correctly.

15.8.6 Graphics Ports drawing functions with scale-thickness

The scale-thickness option to the Graphics Ports drawing functions now defaults to t, as the documentation has always said. This changed in LispWorks 7.0 but was not documented in the Release Notes.

15.8.7 Clearing graphics port works as documented on Windows

On Windows, the functions gp:clear-graphics-port and gp:clear-rectangle now to work with transparent colors and ignore the mask as documented. They have always worked correctly on other platforms.

15.8.8 Pixels no longer copied from outside the source port

The functions gp:copy-pixels and gp:copy-area no longer try to copy pixels from outside the source port's rectangle.

15.8.9 Drawing metafiles to pixmap graphics ports on Cocoa

CAPI metafiles can now be drawn to pixmap graphics ports on Cocoa. Previously, this only worked on other platforms.

15.8.10 scaled-image-set now works with extended-selection-tree-view

Scaled image sets created with capi:make-scaled-general-image-set can now be used in the image-list of an capi:extended-selection-tree-view.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 19 Oct 2017