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15.7 New graphics ports features

Unless otherwise stated, for details see the Graphics Ports chapters in the CAPI User Guide and Reference Manual . This section is not relevant to LispWorks for Mobile Runtime.

15.7.1 Writing an image to a stream using externalize-and-write-image

The function gp:externalize-and-write-image can now be passed an output stream.

15.7.2 Controlling the type of image in externalize-image

The function gp:externalize-image now has :type and other image formatting keyword arguments (such as :quality) which are used to specify the type of external image returned (as in gp:externalize-and-write-image).

15.7.3 New function to make a scaled image from part of another image

The new function gp:make-scaled-sub-image makes a new image from a scaled part of an existing image.

15.7.4 New functions to draw and measure glyphs on Cocoa

The new functions gp:draw-glyphs, gp:draw-glyph, gp:get-glyphs-extent and gp:get-glyph-extent draw and measure glyphs. In general, you should use the functions that work with characters such as gp:draw-string instead of these glyph functions.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 19 Oct 2017