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13.7 Finding source code

Note: This section does not apply to LispWorks Personal Edition.

To configure LispWorks so that editor commands such as Find Source, the menu command Find Source , and the dspec system are able to locate definitions in the supplied editor source code:

  1. Load the logical host for the editor source code:
  2. (load-logical-pathname-translations "EDITOR-SRC")
  3. Configure source finding to know about editor source code:
  4. (setf dspec:*active-finders*
          (append dspec:*active-finders*
                  (list "EDITOR-SRC:editor-tags-db")))
  5. Now do (for example) Meta+X Find Command Definition and enter Wfind File.
  6. The definition of the command Wfind File is displayed in an Editor tool.

See Controlling appearance of found definitions for information on controlling how the source code is displayed.

LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual - 20 Sep 2017