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1.1 LispWorks Editions

LispWorks is available in several product editions on desktop platforms.

The main differences between the editions are outlined below. Further information can be found at

Note: 32-bit LispWorks on SPARC Solaris is licensed differently to other platforms, as detailed in 32-bit LispWorks for SPARC Solaris.

1.1.1 Personal Edition

LispWorks Personal Edition allows you to explore a fully-enabled Common Lisp programming environment and to develop small- to medium-scale programs for personal and academic use. It includes:

LispWorks Personal Edition has several limitations. These are:

LispWorks Personal Edition has no license fee. Download it from .

1.1.2 Hobbyist Edition

LispWorks 7.0 Hobbyist Edition is available to individual licensees for non-commercial and non-academic use. It is a fully-functional Common Lisp IDE without most of the limitations of the Personal Edition:

HobbyistDV, Professional and Enterprise Edition module loading is not included. In particular, the function deliver is omitted so runtimes cannot be generated.

1.1.3 HobbyistDV Edition

LispWorks 7.0 HobbyistDV Edition is available to individual licensees for non-commercial and non-academic use. It has all the features of the Hobbyist Edition plus:

1.1.4 Professional Edition

LispWorks 7.0 Professional Edition includes all the features of the HobbyistDV Edition plus:

1.1.5 Enterprise Edition

LispWorks 7.0 Enterprise Edition provides further support for the software needs of the modern enterprise. It has all the features of the Professional Edition plus:

On most platforms you can choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit implementation of LispWorks. These implementations are licensed separately.

1.1.6 32-bit LispWorks for SPARC Solaris

On SPARC Solaris the Edition model described above does not apply to 32-bit LispWorks. 32-bit LispWorks 7.0 for SPARC Solaris is available with a basic developer license, and the add-on products CLIM, KnowledgeWorks, LispWorks ORB and Application Delivery are each separately available.

64-bit LispWorks Enterprise for SPARC Solaris is separately available and follows the LispWorks Editions licensing model described above.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015