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4.1 Software and hardware requirements

An overview of system requirements is provided in System requirements on Linux. The sections that follow discuss any relevant details.

System requirements on Linux

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

155MB of disk space for Enterprise Edition (32-bit) plus documentation

Any distribution with glibc 2.6 or later

175MB of disk space for Enterprise Edition (64-bit) plus documentation

GTK+ 2 (version 2.4 or higher) to run the GTK+ GUI.

Open Motif 2.2.x and Imlib to run the deprecated Motif GUI

Any modern machine is likely to have sufficient RAM to run LispWorks as distributed.

Firefox or Opera web browser for viewing on-line documentation

4.1.1 GUI libraries

LispWorks 7.0 for Linux requires that the X11 release 6 (or higher) is installed. It also requires that either GTK+ or Open Motif with Imlib are installed.

The remainder of this section contains the details for each of these distinct GUI options. GTK+

In order for the LispWorks IDE to run "out of the box", GTK+ must be installed on the target machine.

GTK+ 2 (version 2.4 or higher) is required. Motif

Open Motif version 2.2 or higher is required to run LispWorks with the Motif GUI.

Download and install Open Motif 2.2.x from your Linux distribution or from . Your systems administrator may be able to help if you do not know how to do this.

You will also need Imlib (not Imlib2). Install this from your Linux distribution. Imlib version 1.9.13 or later is recommended.

Note: You should be able to run the LispWorks 7.0 Motif GUI and LispWorks 6.0 or LispWorks 5.x simultaneously with Open Motif installed.

4.1.2 Disk requirements

To install without documentation and optional modules, 32-bit LispWorks requires about 45MB and 64-bit LispWorks requires about 60MB. Installing the documentation adds about 110MB and the optional modules about 15MB. A full installation of the 64-bit Enterprise Edition with all documentation and optional modules requires about 185MB.

The documentation includes printable PDF format manuals. You may delete any of these that you do not need. They are available at in any case, and the same manuals are also available there in PostScript format.

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