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15.18 Other changes

15.18.1 Change to default values of standard streams

The default values of the standard streams is now different. They are now set globally to synonyms to the variables hcl:*background-output*. hcl:*background-input* and hcl:*background-query-io*. The main effect of this change is that when the LispWorks IDE is running, output to the standard output streams (cl:*standard-output*, cl:*trace-output* and cl:*error-output*) goes by default to the mp:*background-standard-output* in all processes. This output can therefore be viewed in the Output tab of Editor and Listener tools and the Output Browser tool.

In LispWorks 6.1 and earlier versions, output from processes that were not created by CAPI by default goes to cl:*terminal-io*.

15.18.2 Implementation packages in *packages-for-warn-on-redefinition*

The list hcl:*packages-for-warn-on-redefinition* can now contain the keyword :implementation, indicating all of the packages which are part of the LispWorks implementation. This includes all of the documented packages but excludes some user packages like CL-USER and KW-USER and some packages that are used internally.

The new function sys:package-flagged-p allows you to query whether a package is flagged with a specified keyword such as :implementation.

15.18.3 process-terminate replaces process-kill

mp:process-kill is deprecated. Please use mp:process-terminate instead.

See also Process terminate methods.

15.18.4 ensure-process-cleanup changed lambda list

mp:ensure-process-cleanup has a different lambda list in LispWorks 7.0. Calls using the old lambda list are still accepted, for backwards compatibility, but please update your programs to use the new lambda list.

15.18.5 Some calls to comm:start-up-server no longer allow IPv4 connections

The behavior of ipv6 t in comm:start-up-server, in particular whether it allows IPv4 connections, has changed.

In LispWorks 6.1 and earlier versions it depends on the default of the system.

In LispWorks 7.0 the value ipv6 t means never allow IPv4 connections. The value ipv6 :both can now be used to allow IPv4 connections.

15.18.6 Getting the local default IPv6 address.

The function comm:get-local-default-ipv6-address is new.

15.18.7 Array allocation in a specific generation deprecated

Fixnum values of the allocation argument of cl:make-array are deprecated. This is because the allocation is not actually guaranteed to be in the specified generation (although it will be in almost every call).

15.18.8 Sequence and structure predicates documented

The functions lw:sequencep and lw:structurep are now documented.

15.18.9 Changes in *features*

:lispworks7 and :lispworks7.0 are present, :lispworks6 and :lispworks6.1 are not.

For a full description including information about the features used to distinguish new LispWorks implementations and platforms, see the entry for cl:*features* in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual .

15.18.10 Loading old data files

Binary files created with hcl:dump-forms-to-file or hcl:with-output-to-fasl-file in LispWorks 6.1, LispWorks 6.0, LispWorks 5.x, LispWorks 4.4 or LispWorks 4.3 can be loaded into LispWorks 7.0 using sys:load-data-file.

15.18.11 fasl-error exported

hcl:fasl-error, the class of error signaled when loading a file which is not a proper fasl file, is now exported and documented.

15.18.12 find-throw-tag exported

hcl:find-throw-tag, the predicate for whether there is a specific catch in the dynamic scope, is now exported and documented.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 2 Mar 2015