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13.17.7 Change to package-use-list of COMMON-LISP package

The COMMON-LISP package now has an empty package-use-list.

In LispWorks 6.0 and earlier the COMMON-LISP package uses the LispWorks-specific packages HCL and LISPWORKS . These have now been removed from the package-use-list. The change is visible mainly when using cl:apropos or lw:regexp-find-symbols with the COMMON-LISP package, for example forms like these no longer find external symbols of the HCL and LISPWORKS packages:

(apropos "COPY" 'common-lisp) (regexp-find-symbols "COPY-*" :packages (list "CL"))

This change also affects cl:find-symbol with a name that matches a symbol that is exported by the other packages.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011